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Our March 20 post highlighting the wonders of edible spoons triggered memories of a Jules-catered cocktail party for 100 guests from 12 countries last October. Jules, as a longtime supporter of Our Bodies, Ourselves (originally called the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective), offered edible spoons–along with a host of other passed hors d’ouevres and buffet treats–in honor of the 40th anniversary and ninth U.S. edition of the landmark book about women’s health, reproduction, and sexuality, Our Bodies, Ourselves.

A longtime supporter of Our Bodies, Ourselves, Jules donated the 4oth anniversary cocktail party

In her remarks following the musical interlude, OBOS Executive Director Judy Norsigian expressed appreciation: “You should all know that Jules Catering donated the food and the drinks…and their staff is wonderful. I want to thank Anita Baglaneas for her longstanding support and also note that before the party, Anita and I discussed the possibility of updating the long-out-of-print Greek edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves.

The music provided by Ali Amr and Shaheen Lavie-Rouse was as world-class as the food

Qanun player Ali Amr and cellist Shaheen Lavie-Rouse weren’t the only ones to deliver virtuosic performances. Feast your eyes on a small sample of delectables Anita included in her international menu:

Fruit and Cheese Displays 

Spanish and Italian fruit and cheese were as artfully presented as they were delicious. Marveling over these displays, we hesitated to disturb them. Was the Jules team inspired by still-life paintings by Old Masters? Velasquez and Carravagio come to mind.

Italian Fruit and Cheese

Burrata, Parmesan Chunks, Bell Paese, Gorgonzola
Fresh Figs
Assorted Crackers & Crostini

Jules catering food display crackers and tongs

Spanish Fruit and Cheese

Monchego, Idiazabal, Gorotzka, Semi-Hard Goat Cheese
Marcona Almonds
Quince Paste
French Bread, Breadsticks, Crackers

Spanish fruit and cheese display

Fresh figs in fruit and cheese display

The conversation is in full-swing…you’ve got a glass in one hand…you’re sorely tempted to pluck up an hors d’oeuvre with the other, but… how will you juggle it all?

Jules makes it easy:

Passed Hors d’Oeuvres

Thai Chicken and Lime Salad in a Wonton Cone
Felefel Pizza with Cucumber, Mint and Yogurt Sauce
Grilled Tenderloin Crostini with Roasted Onion Jam
Coconut Shrimp on Curry Coconut Edible Spoons with Pineapple Salsa

Edible spoons

When it’s time for dessert, Jules’ offerings are so tidily ‘packaged’ you barely need a napkin.

Passed Desserts

Greek Yogurt, Honey, and Walnuts on Asian Spoons
Chocolate Mousse Cones

Chocolate mousse cones

And, if you’re calorie-conscious, rest assured that each dessert cone is sufficiently small to qualify as a “Mini-Mousse!”

Photo Credits: Liz Muir