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Designing food presentation/display to fit the space

Anita, Mimi said you checked out the Revere space in advance and, in planning menu.

Anita, “One challenge was limited table space for food–most was devoted to wine, which is fitting, so we thought vertically.

and presentation/table displays responded to modern/contemporary elements. If so, when I talk with you on Wednesday, please weigh in on this.

(eg, illuminated serving dishes, candlelit centerpieces for black-walled room)

I may use just one of the following hotel images (possibly thumbnail size) just to tie the event setting in with “modernist” food-display design.




Set-up/Food presentation

Mimi: I know you’d like to feature the following display, but plastic wrap and stained walls diminish the appeal. Sorry I didn’t take a better photo after food was unwrapped. What do you think?

 In the next image, if you all agree we can use this, I’ll be sure to note that Executive Chef Albert is removing plastic wrap just as guests arrive (i.e., make the point he’s not touching food without gloves). Albert, as you know, I will be snapping another photo of you Wednesday a.m.



The Food/Menu

Albert and/or Anita: Would you briefly outline your approach to designing a menu to go with a wine tasting that features a multitude of red/white/still/sparking wines?

Also, in addition to helping me I.D. food items…can you weigh in–at least in a general way–about how each menu items works with particular types of wine?

ALSO: I know you have a lot of cookbooks at Jules. Might I borrow one that covers wine/food pairing? Thanks.

I will re-sequence food photos after I talk with you–to reflect which food is enjoyed with what general type of wine.

Pepporonchini? / Dried? Figs  or Fresh Dates? / Caponata? / Asparagus Mushroom Terrine? / What else?

Actually I prefer the following photo to the one above, but if it may not feature food items we want to highlight. Your thoughts?

Beef tenderloin crostini with roasted onion jam on illuminated platters well suited for dark room. (I’ll wordsmith…but this will be the gist.)

Does the next photo feature Grilled Duck on a Spicy Cous-Cous Cake with Orange-Mint Salsa?

Are those orange or tangerine slices atop the Brie? How would you describe?

Mixed-Color Cauliflower, Red and Yellow Button Tomatoes, Sliced Prusciutto (Italian or American?)

What is the Cruidite Dip?

Describe pecans (are they sweetened?). Are those Macademia Nuts? Cheddar Cheese wedges?

Is centerpiece of photo, below, the Sun-Dried Tomato and Pesto Terrine?

Wild Mushroom Phyllo Purses


The event/the wine tasting

Matt and Jonathan have clear, clean wine glasses at the ready

Mimi and Bobby co-manged the event

There was an educational component…

I’ll use only one of the following three photos (I think my favorite is the third).



Possibly include following photo of Classic Wine host of event with happy participant / wine buyer. If so, perhaps place beneath Matt and Jonathan to illustrate need for many clean wine glasses.