Jules Catering is open for both drop off and staffed events! Click here for our newest menu.
Please reach out to your sales rep, or email contact@julescatering.com for more information.

By way of introducing this new venture, we turned to Jules’ Owner-Chef Anita Baglaneas, who (in a mere minute-and-a-half) profiles the full-service catering company she founded in 1987:

“This video captures a lot,” Anita explains, “but if you scroll down through the blog, you’ll see that since the end of last year we’ve been building a little backlog of posts. And we will be adding new content no less than once a week. So whether you’re a prospective customer stopping by for the first time or someone who has been with Jules over the course of the 25 years we’ve been in business, we hope to engage you, we hope you will follow us, we hope to hear from you. And if it turns out that you ‘like’ our blog or feel inclined to ‘share’ us or subscribe to email updates…well, all the better! Bottom line, though, we want to thank you…thank you for taking an interest…thank you for tuning in.”

YouTube Photo Credits: Liz Muir