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The King of Hearts

We stopped by Jules Catering’s busy kitchen one morning just before Valentine’s Day to pay tribute to ‘Wilmar, King of Hearts’ (more commonly known as ‘Assistant Pastry Chef Wilmar Aristizabal), who has been with Jules for 11 years. It was a heart-warming scene!

‘Heart Art’ requires a sense of fun and a steady hand

When we expressed astonishment at the hundreds of hearts that surrounded him and marveled at his expertise in ‘cookie cardiology,’ Wilmar shrugged, modestly observing that cookie preparation in February is “nothing compared to the thousands and thousands of cookies Jules bakes and decorates in December.” Surveying the Valentine scene, we found this hard to believe….

Valentine shortbread hearts

Chocolate shortbread hearts were just some of the funny Valentines Jules offered this year

Isn’t it romantic?

Our heart stood still at the sight and scent of cookie dough being rolled, cut, baked, and adorned.

Chocolate shortbread cookie dough

Rolls of shortbread cookie dough on floured surfaces await their fate (i.e., to be pressed and cut!)

Chocolate shortbread hearts await decoration

A while later, unadorned chocolate shortbread hearts cool on parchment paper

Other Valentine cookies prepared by Jules this year included plain shortbread hearts, as well as jam-filled hearts dusted with powdered sugar.

Shortbread cookies with raspberry jam

Plain shortbread hearts are spread with jam and sandwiched together, with a cut-out heart on top

Still other offerings included almond, coconut, and French egg-white macaroons–in purple and pink!

Valentine macaroon sandwich cookies

This year  Jules offered three flavors of macaroon sandwich cookies in both purple and pink

Not just for holidays

As Wilmar wrapped a plate of assorted cookies for us to take away and “share the love,” he reminded us that Jules Catering offers a mind-boggling array of cookies and dessert bars–every day of the year.

Unbaked chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate chip cookie ready to be baked at an off-site catering job–this cookie was served warm!

Some client favorites include:

Chocolate Chip
Mocha Chip
Oatmeal Raisin

Dessert Bars
Lemon, Strawberry-Rhubarb, and Apricot Crumble Bars

Tea Cookie Assortments
Coconut Macaroons
Assorted Biscotti (Plain and Chocolate Dipped)
Assorted Shortbread (Plain and Chocolate Dipped)
Almond Macaroons

Jules offers Whoopie Pies, too!
Anita Baglaneas and Jules Catering team off-site catering

Assistant Pastry Chef Wilmar Aristisabal and Chef-Owner Anita Baglaneas and other members of the Jules team with cookies baked on the spot at an off-site catering job

Photo Credits: Liz Muir